Friday, January 29, 2010

Paint'n Party

Yesterday, Alicia and I took the girls to Paint'n Party in Plano. We're running out of ideas here guys...I am so tired of the weather and you can only go to so many mall playgrounds. We were a little hesitant because we didn't know how long they would last, but they really enjoyed it and painted for well over an hour!! Woohoo!!

Here they are with their smocks on and after much deliberation and touching and picking up of every piece available, they settled on painting some ballet slippers.

It is so amazing to watch children and see how their differences come out especially in a setting like this. Shea would pick a color and then Avery would want to use it so she would wait for Shea to finish, but Shea really enjoys using her whole surface whereas Avery wants a quick dab in the paint and moves on to the next color. The women who worked there were kind enough to give us another set of paints so that each girl could have their own and no one had to worry about sharing :)

Case-in-point...Shea really enjoyed painting her whole canvas and did a beautiful job!!

Meanwhile, Avery used every color as well but with only a dab on each shoe and then on to the next color - beautiful as well!

Alicia joined in on the fun and made a super-cute Valentine's mug!


After painting we took the girls to Mama's Pizza for lunch. OMG, I haven't been there in so long and it is so GOOD!!! We got the buffet and for those of you with kids, children under 12 can eat at the buffet for 40 cents per their age so Avery & Shea got to eat for 80 cents each. Now, I'm sure they think a 2-Year old will only eat 1 piece maybe 2. Well we sure did get our money's worth out of these 2 girls - Avery ate 5 pieces and Shea ate 4 and some of my cinnamon roll. We showed them :)

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