Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Already Happening

This morning after we picked up Avery, we ran a quick errand and then told her we were going to the store. She loves going to the store because she gets a cookie at the bakery and she gets to pick her color, normally she wants a blue cookie. But, she has started to realize that there are more cookies in the case than the free ones on the top shelf so of course she now wants these cookies instead. The free ones are blue, yellow, pink and sprinkled but today she wanted the brown cookie. This is pretty much how the conversation went on the way to the store:

Me: Avery, what cookie are you going to get?
Avery: Brown cookie
Me: They don't have brown, you can have blue, yellow or pink
Avery: I want brown cookie
Me: No, not the brown cookie, what other color do you want?
Avery: Daddy?
Tim: Yes, Avery
Avery: Brown cookie??
Tim: Okay, Avery.

Clearly Tim had not been listening to Avery and my original conversation, right? What a smart "cookie" she is!!

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