Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinner with Darmi & Poppy

Tim went to the Rough Riders game tonight with the boys so Avery and I made our own plans to go have dinner with Darmi & Poppy (a.k.a. my parents...these are the names she has given them for the time being or forever, we will find out!). Avery and I picked up Poppy and headed over to the Shops at Legacy to meet Darmi at Fireside Pies.

Here they are walking to the restaurant, she had to bring her purse of course!

We had a yummy, yummy dinner of Cheese Salad and pizza. We debated over whether Fireside or Grimaldi's is better...tonight Fireside won! The best part of the meal for me was that Avery wanted to sit with her grandparents for most of the dinner. This about never happens so I happily enjoyed my wine and pizza in solitude on my side of the booth :) If anything, the whole night was worth this ;)

Then we headed over to Coldstone for some ice cream...Avery's favorite! She totally switched it up on us by wanting gummy bears instead of emmy's (M&M's). Never having tried gummy bears they gave her a taste test and she loved them of course. So, she got both with her ice cream.

Thanks Daddy for going to the game...we had a great time tonight with Darmi and Poppy!!

Pizza, ice cream and sitting on your own side of the booth during dinner...priceless :)

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