Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enjoying this Muggy Texas Weather

We are so excited it is light outside later because we really enjoy being outside after dinner. And, since it's been so beautiful here lately, we decided to head outside this evening and enjoy the nice weather ;) But, we did have fun...we all needed a shower though once we came inside. I mean could we have anymore days without sunshine and such high humidity that you could eat it off a spoon? Please bring us some beautiful weather!!

Bubbles are Avery's current passion and to be quite honest, mine too! So, the bubbles always come out with us when we are outside.

Tim and Avery play with her big ball and she likes it when Tim throws it up high in the air. Oops, it bounced over the fence so Tim decided to take the easy way to retrieve it...over the fence! It's hard to tell, but Avery is pointing at herself saying "Me Too!".

My 2 favorite sync!
It's hard to believe she is going to be 2 next Sunday!
Avery finally having enough of me taking pictures. Mommy, put on the lens cap and come play! How can I resist??

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