Friday, October 12, 2012

Boosterthon Fun Run

This morning was Avery's Boosterthon Fun Run.  The kids have been collecting and waiting to do this for run for about a week and a half and they finally got to do the run this morning.  Tim and I headed up there, he to watch and me to pass out waters to the kiddos.  It was so much fun watching them all and they all did Amazing!! Most of them ran the whole 35 laps...incredible.  It was so great to hand out waters and see all of her classmates.  They were all so proud of themselves!!

The 2 tracks set up for them to run around

the Kindergarten track

setting up our water station

just came out and saw that smile :)

 taking their 1st lap - walking around once with everyone to get warmed up

and they're off!

such concentration!

how sweet is this!  have no idea who she's holding hands with but sure is cute!

more water pit-stops

one of the event organizers running with the kids - sorry, i just think it's kind of a funny pic.  doesn't it look like he's posing for the camera with his head and smile ;)

all 35 laps completed!! woohoo!!

 here she is with her sweet friend ellis

so proud of this girlie!  love you aves!

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