Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here the girls were checking out the inventory we left out for the kids in the neighborhood.  And, check out Tim's pumpkin carvings! Super impressed mister!

And, they took some on the way out...

All the kiddos ready to go trick-or-treating

Sweet girl!

You better not even think of taking one of my candy buckets Mommy!

We ended up in 2 packs, the older kids were zooming thru the houses getting their candy while the younger 2 kind of slowpoked their way thru.  Ella would go up to the houses and ask "What do you have?"  or "I want a lollipop" or "do you have green?"  And, she wouldn't let anyone hold her bucket even though it was becoming heavier than herself and no one except me she would let hold even though all  her grandparents were walking with us.  These toddlers are funny!

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