Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Little Mermaid

over the summer, the children's theater in plano performed "The Little Mermaid".  seeing that ariel is avery's favorite princess, we took her to see it.  it was so cute and all the kids sat on the floor in front of the seats so they could see it all.  and, you got to dress up as your favorite princess and then get a photo with the cast members after the show.  we had a lot of fun!!

ariel & Darmi :)

hanging out onstage with the cast afterwards.

she was so excited to get her photo taken with ariel!!

after we dropped darmi off, tim and ella were taking naps at home so avery and i went to get her school supplies.  we had so much fun picking out all the different things on the list.  i love that kind of stuff.  amazing that we are buying her school supplies!!

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