Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cissy's Princess Tea Party

for cissy's 5th birthday, she decided to have a princess tea party!  how perfect for the princesses that live in our house!  avery was so excited to get to dress-up and she picked to be cinderella for the tea.

ella is not so much into costumes yet and i knew it would come off b4 we even left the house so she got to wear this dress that nana had actually made for cissy when she was ella's age.  it said princess on it so  that was perfect for the party.

do you think ella is thinking that avery is a real princess?  yea, probably not.

the girls with the birthday princess

enjoying their tea and finger foods :)

surprisingly, ella held up pretty well at the big princess table and even managed to eat what was on her plate.  i keep looking at her as a baby but she's bigger than i think she is!

happy 5th birthday princess cissy!

avery totally taking advantage of all the sweets available...i would expect nothing less of her here :)

they were all so cute!!

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