Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet the Teacher Night

Such an exciting night for our Aves to meet her 1st elementary or "big school" teacher up at her new school!  We were all so excited to go up there and meet her teacher, check out the room, and the school which has just been completely renovated.  Such a new chapter for this family!!

Our Kindergartner!

I think I'm just as excited "and nervous, but don't tell her" as she is!  

Checking out her new classroom

Ella seems to have settled in just fine as well!  This is hopefully a sweet preview for her to start her preschool class in a couple of weeks...keep your fingers crossed :)

She was so excited about the library!

Leaving school and ready to start on Monday.

Tim headed out to hang with his bros, so I took the girls out for ice cream and to play on this train/little stores playscape in Fairview afterwards . This pic cracks me up bcuz Avery and I each got an ice cream to share with Ella, but Ella doesn't really like ice cream so she's eating her craisins while Avery and I enjoy our ice creams :)

Playing on the caboose

They loved these little stores!

Me & My Girls

Ahh, sisters!

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