Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beach Club & Hawaiian Falls

Our great friends Alicia and her daughter Shea and the girls and I have been having a lot of fun together these past couple weeks of summer.  They took us out to the beach club at Stonebridge and we had such a fun time playing in the sand, swimming, the splash park area and just hanging out.  It felt like a little mini-vaca at the beach :)

Everyone just hanging out doing their own thing!

For awhile after we got there this was Ella's favorite spot...eating!  This girl can really pack it in.  I have no idea where it goes!

We finally got her to take off her shoes and feel the sand in b/t her toes.  I was getting worried bcuz Tim and I's favorite place to be is at the beach so we have to make sure our girls enjoy being beach bums too!  One day, you can all come visit us at our beach house :)

Just checking out the "Kid's pool" is what she called this lake on the other side of the swimming pool

The next week, Alicia and Shea asked us to come with them to Hawaiian Falls and use their buddy passes for the day.  Ella stayed with both Darmi and Nana during the day while Avery and I were out.  We had so much fun!!  I felt like a kid again going down all those slides. We were there for 6 hours and Avery still didn't want to leave.  I think Tim and Avery will definitely have to go back one day bcuz I know he would love it too!

Before we went in...excited for our last Mommy & Avery Wednesday before school starts

Waiting in line before the park opens.

Having the much anticipated Dippin' Dots ice cream.  This is one happy girl!

Behind us was one of the splash parks that Avery and Shea played on

Our favorite slide ride.  One of the orange tubes you got to pick a song out of about 60 choices and it played the whole ride long.  It was so cool!!  And, I went down one of the yellow slides...super fast!!!

One last pic b4 we left.

The next day we met up with the Hales at Lifetime and while waiting for them the girls laid out.  Avery said she could lay there all day...preview of years to come :)  

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The Mrs. said...

Summer fun! Love the smiles on your sweet girls!