Friday, February 11, 2011

Someone is Getting Old-er

5 Months old to be exact! I'm going to say it every month because I's going by way too fast! It's hard to really sit back and appreciate Ms. Ella because I'm constantly running around with another kiddo, but she is the BEST 2nd baby this Mama could ask for! I've never seen such a patient baby...please let it continue on into her toddler years :)

Some things about Ella that I don't want to forget:

*she likes to pull out her pacifier on her own and then "try" to mostly unsuccessfully put it back in her mouth. this really pisses her off and it's really starting to PO me too!! hopefully soon she will be able to put it back in successfully

*she is loving hanging out in her exersaucer and playing with her new toys it has

avery too...she's a little big though. don't tell her ;)

*she will pretty much give out a smile to anyone as long as she is in tim or my arms. we are starting early with someone of that separation anxiety. maybe she'll do it early and we won't have to deal with it later...just wishing

*rolling from her stomach to her back is easy now. not so much the other way around but it will happen soon

*she is almost sitting all by herself. no pic of that yet because every time i try she starts to fall

*this chick would prefer to start walking right away. she really likes to stand up and sometimes we can get her to stand by herself while holding on to the coffee table...for about 5 seconds :)

*giggles, giggles, giggles with lots of kisses and when you toss her in the air (she thinks that is hilarious!)

*she can't stop smiling when she sees avery, it's the best to watch them together
relaxing watching mickey or barney

avery reading ella books

this is what my morning's look like - sometimes!

big sis, little sis

*such a hungry girl right now and drooling everywhere - we go nowhere without a bib. we've started some rice cereal but she is not a huge fan. she does love to drink water out of my cup whenever she gets a chance. sippy cups are not far away

*3 naps a day for our little sleeper...we'll try and hang on to these as long as possible too
*she is becoming a houdini just like avery was in her swaddle. i'll go in there and her arms are out, legs, one arm and one leg, any combo you can think of. but, she likes to start out in her swaddle to sleep. she loves being all cozy in there with her paci. i thought she would be totally out of it by now, but i was wrong. avery was in it til 6 months...we'll see

the flash startled her in this one, but she slept through it

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