Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Where are we??? Where do we live?? Can't be Dallas, Texas because we have been iced in since Tuesday and on top of the ice there is a good 5 inches of snow covering everything! Today is Friday and I wonder if we will ever get out of here!! I'm pretty proud of us because we've "weathered" this storm pretty well being cooped up together. Lots of games, movies, and laughter!

Today Tim worked from home so it's been an added bonus for the girls and I! Yeah for Daddy's!!

morning pics looking out onto the snowy wonderland

neighborhood snow shots

tim's not going anywhere today

flip-flops and snow...this is how we do it in texas :)

avery took out every game & puzzle she has. guess what we are doing today?


and the madness begins

bundled up and ready to go play in the snow with daddy

snowball fight!

action shot

5 inches of snow on top of a layer of ice

giant icicles on our roof

lots of kiddo shots coming now....sorry, we had nothing to do and were out of ideas after playing the 100th game of candyland!

snack and cinderella movie

cereal for dinner...i don't care anymore!

more gummy smiles - not for long because we have a tooth coming in so we are going to try and get as many more gummy smile pics as we can. she loves giving them out!

looking at daddy...this girlie LOVES her daddy!

get me out of here

video of avery & tim playing in the snow

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Wyatt & Scarlett said...

Adorable pics! And LOVE the E bib on Miss Ella! xoxo