Monday, February 7, 2011

OVO - Cirque Du Soleil

Saturday night we went with these 2:

to see OVO, by:

It was in Frisco near the Rough Riders stadium in this bad boy:

I thought it would be freezing since it was in a tent and there was still remants of ice on the ground, but it was definitely toasty in there. The show was AWESOME!!! I can't say it enough about how amazing it was! It is crazy how talented people are and what they can do with their bodies and minds! I highly recommend going to see it if you can, it runs until the end of February. Here's the link: OVO

Quick sidenote during the show...we got SHHHHHHHHHshed during the 1st act. We didn't even know we were being loud - it's not an opera. Everyone was talking and they even do crowd participation. And, I didn't know until after I had asked the lady in front of me if we were at intermission when she replied with a growling "I don't know" that we had been shhhshed. Um, hello, we are not rude people, we look respectable and are polite, they could have just asked us to be a bit quieter - nicely! Oh well, at the end Tim was clapping reallly loud and then he yelled out SHHHHHHush like Pauly Shore does at the end of Encino Man. We all got a laugh out of it...probably had to be there. Reading this to myself again, we sound real mature ;) Oh well, we were having fun!!

Then, we were trying to take pics outside at the end of the night near the OVO sign, making memories here people, but got booted out of there by security for fear that we would get electrocuted by the wire running along the ground in the ice...what?? Snuck one in of Big Kev anyways:

Random shot at the end of the show...the set, costumes and performers were just amazing!

What a great night!! Hope you get to experience the OVO for yourselves!

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