Sunday, October 10, 2010


Naps are a commonality in our household right now. Wanted you to see how we nap around here:

Ella finally has found her groove in the swing. She's Loving it!! This is how she naps or in her Nap Nanny.

Avery's been having a tougher time at nap time. This is how I caught her napping the other day..WTF?? I had to take a pic before I got her out of there. She was snoring! What even prompted her to get in there and then actually be able to fall asleep??

After work Tim napping with Ella. Whatever works people!

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Cortney said...

this cracks me up and makes me sleepy at the same time. avery is not alone! my parents used to take away my pillow after i went to sleep because i would do crazy stuff like that too! keep up the posts! love them.