Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dinner at the House with The Hales

Kelli, Nathan and Keaton came over to bring us dinner on Friday and we had such a great time with them and the girls had the best time. The girls had so much fun playing with all of Avery's toys, eating pizza and enjoying popsicles. The adults had a great time too catching's been way too long!!

Keaton had a blast with all of Avery's costume jewelry. She wore everything almost all night...I'm surprised she didn't fall over because they can get really heavy :)

The family with Ella

The girls eating their the kitchen ;)

How cute is she!!!

Hanging out at the table in the playroom

Kelli and Ella

The girls got out the princess shoes - click, clack, click, clack

The princesses all dressed up and ready to play!! Thanks for coming to play with us!

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