Sunday, October 10, 2010

3 Weeks to 1 Month Old!!

Hello Friends...finally I have my computer back from being fixed. It feels like its been an eternity and I didn't realize how dependent I am on this electronic machine. I've been checking emails on my iTouch but it's so small and takes forever to type out anything. I am sooooo Happy to be able to use a full size keyboard :)

These past 2 weeks have flown by and Baby Ella is doing great and growing bigger each day. At her month check-up she weighed in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces - our little porker :) I just love it! This is going much much faster than with Avery and it's so hard to sit back and enjoy the little things about her, but I get my moments and am so thankful for them. She is such a sweet natured baby, a wonderful eater and sleeper. Tim and I are so blessed to have these 2 in our lives.

Avery is really enjoying having Ella around and we are starting to all get used to her being here without so many "tantrums" and need for attention. Avery is so sweet with Ella, giving her kisses on her forehead, cheeks, arms. She loves holding her and holding her hand. She tells her often that "She Loves Her" which just melts my heart and also tells her "You're My Favorite Girl". She often goes to get me diapers and wipes and it makes her feel like such a big girl. Ella and I have started to pick Avery up from school early so she can come home to eat and play and actually take a nap. It's been working out so far so we're just going to ride it out :)

Things that happened these past 2 weeks:

*We are starting to see smiles from Ms. Ella...Tim seems to be the one that gets them the most and I keep asking her where mine are??? I am the one that feeds you, remember :)

*Ella is also starting to respond to noises and will stop and listen and track something if it catches her eye or ear.

*Avery's really enjoying her dance class and there are now 3 other girls in it so it's less of private lessons now!

*Tim and I have been busy!! One week, we went to see one of our favorite comedians, Daniel Tosh at the Majestic. Hilarious and if you've never seen Tosh.O on Comedy Central check it out. Last week we went to see Avery's favorite band, Vampire Weekend at the Paladium with Kristen and Kevin. I would have loved to have brought her, but it would never have worked. They put on an amazing show!! It's been really nice to get out with Tim and enjoy some adult time together :)

*Birthdays have been the main theme these past 2 weeks. I went out with Molly and her friends to celebrate her birthday in McKinney. It was great to be out on my own :) Molly threw Don a surprise party this past weekend that Tim and Avery went to. They are definitely my party animals seeing how they roled in around 10:45 on Saturday night. What a blast they had there! We went to Mollye's parents house to celebrate her birthday last night. It was great to see the little girls and all her family. More birthdays to come!

Pics from the past 2 weeks:

Loving the Nap Nanny and the Miracle Blanket! Two of the things that I wouldn't care how much they cost because she loves them so much!! She eats so much that it's been great having her on an incline for sleep right now. We're working on getting her to like the swing too!

Tim and I took the girls to the park to enjoy this beautiful Fall weather before it's gone. Ella just slept in the stroller the whole time and we really enjoyed ourselves. Avery even asked Tim to go get us Chick-fil-A for lunch - thanks babe!

Enjoying these sweet moments :)


Random pics of Ella and Avery

Ms. Heather meeting Ella for the 1st time. She brought over a super delicious meal for us...thanks so much!!

Daddy and Avery

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