Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Fun Day

Avery was at home today because teachers were off in Plano so we were supposed to get her haircut next Tuesday, but seeing as how she has dance on Tuesday's, we went to Sweet and Sassy today to get her cut. She Loves going there and getting all girliefied. I'm so glad they have a place like this for little girls...I wish they had had one of these when I was little :) I was thinking of hopping in the chair because I badly need a haircut, but I restrained myself!!

Avery's pic of Ella before we got ready to go

Ella hanging out, or rather snoozin' while Avery gets her hair cut. She's my little sleeper and she loves to cuddle :) I LOVE it!!

Getting her hair cut and watching a video. What did people do before videos for kids?? We don't watch them very often, but she sure does love them!

Enjoying her giant lollipop she got from the salon. I'm trying to put Ella in some of her pics so she'll just be back there in her stroller from time to time :)

Kind of a fake smile, but I'll take what I can get

Heart stamps

Me and my sweet Baby

I think her hair is growing...wonder what it will look like??

Ice cream night up at Watters Creek and they still have the bands playing. It was crazy and Avery got her groove on of course!

Dance, Dance, Dance

Another great smile :)

A little better!

The 3 LOVES of my life.

Goofy parents


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