Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, I knew it would happen eventually and it did today!! I try really hard to watch my language in front of Avery, but sometimes words slip out and you can't take them back but so far she has yet to catch on. Today she totally caught on!

We were at Darmi and Poppy's and Poppy and I were having a conversation and out popped the word SH*T. We were talking about something and Poppy said, "It looks like SH*T". So, I said, your language or something like that. Now, I want you to know that I do not in any way blame you Poppy for what happened next, it could have easily been me who said it so you are totally off the hook :)

About a 1/2 hour later we were talking with Avery about something and she was sitting on my lap and looked at both of us and said "SH*T!" but it kind of sounded like SIT because there wasn't much emphasis on the SH part of the word. So, I said did you day SIT and she said, "No. SH*T!" and then proceeded to say it over and over and over again. Now mind you, I would have totally told her to stop but she just kept saying it over and over again in her cute little voice and Poppy and I could not stop cracking up, I mean I was crying I was laughing so hard which totally was egging her on to keep doing it. I know, I'm terrible, but I finally composed myself and told her what a bad word that was and how it was not a nice word at all and we do not use it. I will keep telling her this if the word "SH*T" ever comes out of her mouth careful what you say around this one :)

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