Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Say Hello to Baby Ella!!

We are so proud to announce the arrival of our precious, new daughter, Ella Ryann Penrod! Born on September 8, 2010, weighing in at 6 lbs 15 oz and 18 inches in length. It's official, she has totally stolen our hearts and has completed our family!! We cannot wait for you all to meet her!!

Here is the recap of her birth and our stay at the hospital:

Tim and I taking a quick pic before we leave for the hospital. Yes, that is makeup and hair done...it was a planned C-section so I had time to get ready this go round. I know it will be a long day - a girl has to look her best :)

One last belly shot:

Here she is...she came out with a full head of hair, just like her sister :)

Put me back in...or at least get me a blanket!

Mommy, Daddy and Ella

Daddy and his New Girl!

After her birth, they had us go back in to our pre-op room to spend some "Kangaroo" time with Ella. Just me, Tim and Ella. They've changed a bunch of things at the hospital since last time and this was one of the things that was new. It was so Great to be able to spend this time with her especially since I got to hold her because I didn't get to do that with Avery when she was born. We had about an hour by ourselves with her...what a special time for all of us!

Mommy and her new Love!

It was so much better this time around...I wish we had known about this option last time! Tim and I couldn't stop commenting on how easy and less stressful it had all gone. Here he is enjoying a morning coffee with Ella:

Lots and lots and lots of smiles :)

The Cookie Bouquet of our family:

Big Sister Avery arrived and she is just in LOVE with the her new baby sister. She got right up on the bed with me and wanted to see every square inch of her and touch her and hold her. Everytime Ella would move or make a noise, Avery would crack up. She was very concerned about her umbilical cord too. We are hoping it will fall off soon! I have some video of them meeting that I will post very soon.

Here we are...the new Penrod Family: Tim, Avery, Ella and Julie!

3 generations of girls...

Holding Ella for the 1st time...check out how many hands there are holding Ms. Ella's head :)

Lots of little girl giggles!

Me & My Girls!

Darmi & Ella - this is Darmi's 2nd Grandbaby

Nana & Ella - this is Nana's 6th Grandbaby

Ella with her Nana & Darmi

Aunt Molly getting her baby fix! She has been waiting for this day since we got pregnant...now it is here and she can enjoy her all she wants :)

All the proud men...watch out boys they have their shotguns ready!

Poppy and Ella

Uncle Kev you look good holding a baby ;)

Mom, Dad, Ella and I

Rich, Kitty, Me, Ella, Tim and Kevin

Kevin, Kristen and Mike

Uncle Mike holding his niece

Uncle Brian and soon-to-be Aunt Molly with Ella

Sweet Baby Girl

Aren't these bows on the hats hilarious!

The many faces of Ella:

All set in our carseat and ready to go home!!! Yeah!!

Power to the people

See you soon with more updates of our new life!!

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