Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Birthday Parties

The past 3 weekends, Avery has had a birthday party every Saturday. She has had a blast at all of them and they were all so different. How fun for the little ones!!

The 1st weekend when Ella was born was Tessa's 2nd birthday party. It was at Owens Farm in Richardson. They had animals to feed, a wheelbarrow train and a hayride. Avery had such a blast and was super friendly and outgoing. She LOVED the train rides! Apparently they went on it several times. Tim even got in on the action with her. Look how smiley she is!

The next weekend was Keaton's 2nd Birthday party. Her party was a paint party at her house and they had someone there making balloon animals and face painting. Avery had a sweet butterfly painted on her face that she didn't want to come off for several days :) They also had Elmo show up at the party but every kid except sweet Ben wanted nothing to do with him. What is it about kids and "real life" characters??

This past weekend we went to Gracie's birthday party at Build-a-Bear. We have never been to Build-a-Bear so I was super excited to go. I had thought about taking Avery before Ella came to make her a bear, but we never got around to it :( For the party each child got $20 toward a bear and clothes and then whatever you went over, you paid for. Of course, Avery picked out Hello Kitty which was $22 but I totally didn't care because it was our 1st outing together without Tim or Ella and I was just excited to be with my girl!!
Here they are waiting their turn to "stuff" their bears:

Helping the lady fill her "Kitty". This lady was a total bummer by the way! Why she works there I have no idea!

All stuffed and filled with a pretty red heart too!

Time for "Kitty's" 1st bath. Avery decided not to get any clothes for "Kitty". She wanted to get her her own chair. What the heck...I'm sure she'll eventually try to put Ella in the chair. We'll have to watch her!

Gracie and Avery

How fun!! We have 3 more special birthday's coming up in October...Molly, Mollye and Darmi. More pics to come for these special ladies birthdays!!

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