Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Avery

How is it possible that my baby is turning "3" today!

Wasn't it just yesterday that Tim and I brought this precious bundle home with us?? I remember putting her in this outfit before we left the hospital...0-3 months and it being so BIG on her! I had no idea how much this little girl would change our lives forever!

And, I look at her now and I think to myself, where has the time gone??
In these 3 short years she has grown into such an amazing little person! She always has a smile on her face and is such a good sport in every situation. She has the best expressions - I wish I could bottle them up and pull them out whenever I wanted. And that killer smile that lights up her whole face is something I live for. Avery has such a love for life and she brightens my day each and every day.

Two of my most favorite moments of my day are in the morning and at night. In the mornings, I love crawling into bed with her to wake her up and laying next to her little body and smelling her sweet little girl smell and hearing her say "Good Morning" to me in her soft sleepy voice. And at night, I love snuggling her into bed and looking into those big brown eyes and singing the same Good Night song my Mom used to sing to me every night when I was a little girl. The best is that she has started to sing it with me and knows every word!

I so look forward to continuing to watch my princess grow into an amazing little girl and woman. Thank you Avery Jordan for coming into our lives and making our lives that much more richer and fuller.

I love you so much and wish you a very Happy 3rd Birthday!!

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