Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dentist Visit

Avery had her 2nd ever Dentist visit today! I tried to be optimistic about it and we talked a little bit about it before we went this morning. Last year, right before her 2nd birthday we went because she had some discoloration from all the medicines she had been on before her surgery so I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and it was a Nightmare visit, but she is older now so I thought it couldn't be that bad this time.

Luckily, my little girl proved me right...she did so WELL at the visit and never shed one tear. I don't give her enough credit on how well she can handle things and how brave she is.

I do know it helped that right when we got there they had a play area for her to hang out in with a mechanical horse, TV and toys:

Then, once inside, she got to pick out her own toothbrush (blue of course) and toothbrush topper. And, she got to pick out her own pair of sunglasses to wear during the visit - purple Snow White sunglasses that she got to keep. Each table had a small TV playing a DVD above it and the sunglasses were so the light they shine on her mouth wouldn't hurt her eyes! I think adult dentists should treat us the way the pediatric dentists treat their patients. I would sure enjoy it much more!!

Then they brushed her teeth with her toothbrush and cherry toothpaste, scraped off some yucky stuff and flossed her teeth. Why don't I brush like they do?? It's like when you handle a baby for the 1st time you try and be so careful but the nurses are throwing the baby around like no big deal. I brush her teeth so carefully and softly while this nurse is scrubbing her gums away :)

Look how tiny she looks on the table...hands splayed and plastered to the chair the whole time even though I took one and held it for the duration of the cleaning :)

Showing off her pretty pearly whites!! She kept telling me before we got there that she wanted her teeth to stay white!

Last time we were there we found out that Avery has an extra tooth so they wanted to do some X-rays to see how the spacing was and if it would eventually need to be pulled. They actually found out that not only does she have 1 extra tooth, but she has another one stuck up in her gums that will probably never come down and that both teeth will have to be taken out by an oral surgeon probably sometime in the next year :( I tried to hold it together for her sake when I heard this because I hate that she will have to go under again, but we'll revisit that when the time comes.

Here she is with her lead apron on before X-rays. I had to leave the room because I'm pregnant but she did great!

While I checked us out she got to get a token and pick a prize out of the machine. Her choice was a dinosaur and wouldn't you know it she got a pink one! The best was that right before we were leaving Avery asked for another toy from the machine and I said we will have to get one next time and she said "I don't want to come back here!!" All the front desk people and I got a good laugh!!

After the visit, showing me all her loot!

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