Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Valentine's Day

This year our Valentine's Day was so fun!! Avery really got in the spirit of things and we are still celebrating it a month later!! Overall, I think we bought out every kind of Valentine at Target that would interest a toddler girl especially since on the weekends she would ask Tim to take her to get more new Valentine's - of course he obliged :) She has Cinderella, Dora, Mickey, Puppies, etc and they all go in her super cute mailbox they made for Valentine's Day at school.

She loved to take her Valentine's everywhere with her and pass them out to everyone. She still does this at home so we'll have to put them up sooner than later...just waiting for the next holiday! I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

Her she is picking out her Valentine's and stickers to give to her friends at school

Decorating her Valentine's

Leaving school with her mailbox full!

Checking out all her Valentine's she got at school. She's so funny because if it's not M&M's or Lollipops she's not interested. And, even the lollipops she takes a few licks and she's on to another.

I think she's done with taking pictures!!

One of her Valentine projects she did at school. I've always wanted a stained-glass window!

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