Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Night in the Crib!

Well ladies and gentlemen, tonight is the last night for Avery to sleep in her crib! Her big girl furniture is coming tomorrow and the crib will be dismantled and hidden in a closet so that there will be no chance of her crawling back into it.

This is something that is so bittersweet to me because I know it is time for her to get a big girl bed, I know she will be "3" in a couple of months but it also means my baby is growing up. Everyone keeps telling me not to worry about her transition into the big girl bed, but how can you not worry about something like this. Especially since Avery LOVES her crib - she is such a great sleeper and she has never even attempted to get out of it before. I'm sure I'm jinxing myself on both these points for tonight but we'll see in the morning!

One friend of mine put it this way..."it's better to worry for nothing, than not worry at all"! I like that because I do hope I'm worrying for nothing and I hope it goes smoothly, but if not, it will be just like any of the other road bumps we've crossed in this journey of Avery's childhood. I know it won't be the last! But, keep your fingers crossed for us that it all goes well...I'll keep you posted.

Here are some of my favorite pics I found of Avery in her crib. Clearly I stopped taking them after 1 1/2 because I couldn't find any in her 2-year old pics.

Classic Sleeping Pose

Our little Houdini - how did she do that and in her swaddle too??

Such a smiler :)

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