Sunday, March 28, 2010

Random Photos from the Past Few Months

I've been going through my old photos from the past couple months that don't seem to fit in any one specific Blog so I'm throwing them all in this one. Trying to do some Spring cleanup :) Let's see what we have:

Definitely cold and going somewhere...have to bring our purse with us. I think this was the only time she wore this hat too. Avery isn't very into wearing hats - she gets that from me!

The weekend of Brandon's birthday, they all came over on Sunday night for a quick drop-in and some cupcakes. We found some of my old "glasses" from the 80's so Tim and Avery put them on to open the door when the Lairsen's walked in. I think we can bring this style back...what do you think??

My cutie!

This was taken some time after/around Christmas because we used our giftcards to Maggiano's and it was so yummy!! Tim and I find that sometimes the best pictures we take are when we take them ourselves :)

Do you think we look alike?? Everyone seems to think so but I definitely see Tim in her too!

I wish this wasn't so fuzzy...I LOVE this pic

Having tea with Sissy at Nana's...girls are you supposed to playing with that??

Okay, clearly from the previous picture we must have been going somewhere because here she is with her hat and purse but now she's talking on the phone.

Lunch at Darmi and Poppy's

Lunch at Chuck E. Cheese with Shea. See Chuck E. Cheese in the background in that booth...that was a good enough distance for the girls. Later the costumed Chuck E. Cheese walked around and the girls were Not Okay with that!

What Avery would look like with pierced ears

Hanging with Kristen at Nana and Papa's - Kristen kneeled to get down with Avery so Avery took a knee too ;)

Testing out Daddy's new work chair

That's all for now folks!

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