Monday, August 24, 2009

Graduation Weekend

2 Weekend's Ago, we had 2 graduation parties. We are so proud of Cassie for getting her Masters and Brett for getting his degree too! It made for a great weekend :)

1st we celebrated Cassie's graduation on Saturday by going out to the Capitol Pub in Dallas. Before the bar we met up with Nathan & Kelli for dinner at Park Restaurant in Dallas. It's a new, up and coming restaurant that had really yummy food and a great atmosphere. The weather was so nice so we sat out on the patio which was first come first serve even though there was an hour+ wait inside. Instead of taking 2 cars a 1/4 of a mile to the Pub, all 4 of us jumped onto Nathan & Kelli's side car motorcycle and headed to the bar...we're crazy I know, but it was so much fun!!

We love to play darts and lucky us, they had dart boards there so Tim and I took on Nathan and Kelli. Check out this "Double Bullsize" Nathan shot...seriously, a one in a million shot! Tim and I said "no way it could count because it wasn't touching the board" - testing our competitive side, so Nathan brought a patron over to give her opinion. Apparently he didn't sweet talk her enough because she said it didn't count either :( What do you think??

Cassie & Tim goofing off:

Congratulations Cass...I'm so proud of you - welcome to the real world :)

All 5 of us:

The Girls...about to play a never-ending game of darts!

Our 2nd party was on Sunday at Maggiano' word - YUMMY!! I love this place and if you don't love it too, you may as well stop reading this blog :) It was a really nice event to celebrate Brett graduating from UNT. The food was delicious and I must have eaten 3 plates - appetizer size plates, but I piled it on especially since they had my favorite, mushroom ravioli. If you've never eaten this and love mushrooms, you HAVE to try it. It is so, so good...maybe Tim will take me there tonight...

Just a couple pics of us with our friends:

The Boys...

The Ladies & Baby Landry...

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