Thursday, August 20, 2009


Every day Avery wakes up and asks me "Where are We Going Mommy"?? So, I in return ask her "Where are We Going Avery"?? Here are a few common replies I get from her -
1) the Beach - we are going to have to get this girl there sooner than later because it is ALL she talks about!! she walks around the house with her shovels saying she wants to make sandcatsles and asking us "Mommy/Daddy I want to go to beach" all day :) finally tim told her "As Soon As We Can". Now she says "Mommy I want to go to beach as soon as we can"!
2) gymnaaaastics
3) darmi & poppy's and/or nanny & poppy's.

Seriously, it is only 1 of these every day...this child is definitely consistent!

When we go to gymnastics, she loves the trampoline which they do first thing:

They teach them everything from doing forward rolls - she has to say "salute" before she does one and it usually comes out something like, "schshute" - to "cartwheels", "handstands", etc. They play in the pit and she loves the running trampoline.

They always have a couple of circuits which includes bars, slide, and this time - the balance beam. I'd like to have you guys think she is saying "I'm Doing it All by Myself", but in reality she just wants me to hold her hand :)

Then they race and finally end with stickers and stamps...who doesn't love stickers and stamps?? I'll tell you, I think the main goal is to tire these cuties out!

And, when we are not at gymnastics, we like to "practice" at home!

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