Friday, July 31, 2009

Pooltime with Keaton & Tessa

A couple of weekend's ago, we went over to the Cason's with the Hale's for dinner and swimming. Just watching the 3 girls play together, I know we are in TROUBLE! Tessa and Keaton were born on the same day and will be 1 in September and with Avery at 2, the 6 of us should resign ourselves to be on patrol for the next 18+ years, oh who am I kidding...the rest of our lives :)

The Daddy's and their Daughter''s amazing to me that these 3 boys all had girls!! Hopefully, they will grow up to be as good friends as their Daddy's are!

Sweet Tessa & Brandon

What a cutie Keaton is...she is our resident party girl right behind Avery :)

Good thing Tim was there to catch her...she just loves to "flop" in!

All bathed and ready to play - no bedtime!!

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