Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Avery's New Pool

We have finally gotten Avery's pool out she got for her birthday from Nana and Papa and blew it up for her last night. I'd like to say that it's because it's been so hot that we didn't want to sit in the blistering heat as she "swam", but I think we are just a little lazy too and we needed the air compressor from my dad (i just kept forgetting to ask him) :) Anyways, since we've had this "cold front" come in, we were ready to sit and watch her play!

She was so excited, she couldn't stand it talking to Tim the whole time as he blew it up.

She even held the hose trying to get it to fill up faster:

Someone is Happy!!

It came with a slide too...a little rickety for her, but she didn't mind. Then, the geniuses that we are - we put her other slide in the pool and she can climb up it on her own and slide in. She loved it!

Tonight, since she was already in a "bath", Tim washed her off in the pool. Does that count as a real bath??? It does for her tonight!!

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