Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Night with the Family

Tonight, Nana asked Avery and I over for dinner with Papa and the Jurney's. It was such a welcoming invitation seeing as Tim went to the Cowboys game (lucky guy) and Avery and I didn't have any plans. Rarely does something come up that we would ever decline an invite from Nana and especially since she told me that all the cousins were going to be there. Avery doesn't completely get that she's going to get to play all night with her cousins when we go see them, but once she gets there she's in heaven. She just loves her cousins, and how could you not. They are such wonderful kids and her and Catherine are starting to get the hang of each other and "kind of " play together. They all just make her laugh and leaving can be a bit of a process when she doesn't want to go, not that I can blame her.

I too have a wonderful time when I am with our family and it is so nice to have them all so close to us. It's so neat too for me to see Avery's interaction with her cousins and family. She is the type of person that just Loves to be around other people and seeing her with other children is always a fun thing to watch. I try to capture these moments as they happen with her because I know that this time is so fleeting and the next time I blink she will be grown up (okay, a lot of blinking, especially some days), but just like me I hope she always knows her Mom & family are there for her.

I hope all of you are enjoying this time with your family. It seems like the Holiday Season always brings our families together even more than the rest of the year, but it is such a wonderful time to celebrate and I enjoy it every year. Sometimes, I wish this time of year would never end, but then I guess it wouldn't be so special.

Happy Holidays, y', I've got to go finish my shopping :)

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