Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas in the Square

After our Safety Town expedition, we drove down the street to Christmas in the Square. We figured, since we never get out to that part of Frisco very much, we should do it all in one night! Avery was such a trooper! Everyone was so festive and nice, they had Starbucks samples of hot chocolate and Tim and I took advantage of the Matitto's out there and got ourselves a BOB for dinner. Thanks, Uncle Mike, for giving us this craving :) And, yes, it was Delicious!

It was so neat because they have the largest choreographed holiday lights and music display in Texas. Now, I will say that Tim and I really enjoyed listening to the music and watching the lights to the beat, but it was totally not intriguing to Avery at all. She was quite bored until we got out of the car and walked around the square.

She really loved seeing the horse drawn carriages-first time to see a real horse, the lit up kiddie train, the model train displays and socializing, of course!

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