Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Fever

Friday was such a relaxing day in the Penrod house in the afternoon at least :) My mom and I decided to brave the crowds and do some holiday shopping. Now, we didn't make it out before 9:00, but that's really good, I mean early, for my mom and I!

Anyways, when I got home, Tim and Avery had done some re-decorating at our house. Our X-Mas tree was up as well as the stockings on the mantle. So of course, we had to decorate the tree and Avery was such a great helper. She helped Tim put up the ornaments, one by one, she would pass them to him. We had such a great time! She loves looking at the tree all lit up and she enjoys taking off the ornaments that are in her reach, though we are trying to break her of that habit.

We even put "lit up" garland around our staircase banister. Tim and I have had this garland since we were married, but we never had anywhere to put it in the old house, so we decided to do up the staircase here. Let me tell you, it was the nightmare project of the season! Poor was all bunched up so he had to unravel all of it, then it was not long enough to fit the whole banister, then the lights couldn't be connected together and we finally had to add another strand of lights and more garland, but it's on now and it won't be coming down for a long time!

Avery even had some fun decorating her room while we were decorating the rest of the house :)

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Anonymous said...

It looks so beautiful.I especially like it up the banister!