Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dallas Marathon

One of our best friends ran in the Dallas marathon and we all went to surprise him and cheer him on.  We camped out at mile 22 and it was so neat to see all the runners and it makes me so proud of all of them to accomplish such an amazing thing of running 26.2 miles! I'm in awe! The most I've ever run is 6 miles and that was a couple years ago.  What a great accomplishment!

The girls kept pointing at everyone asking if that was Nathan

The kids claimed this front sidewalk as theirs.  Thankfully, the people were either not there or they didn't care!

Avery started giving high-fives to everyone.  She just stood out there with her hand out and people started hitting it.  The others got in the mix and they were loving it.  She kept saying, My hand's wet from all the sweat...nice!

Another one of our girlfriends seeing her husband and son...what an energy boost!

doesn't this just look the face of TROUBLE!

waiting for more high-fives

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