Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School Stuff

some randoms of school things from this fall.

giving ms esposito a cute owl gift...for no reason except that avery saw an owl in the store that she wanted to give her with this sweet note she wrote

my view every m/w/f on the way to preschool :)

walking to school...quickly towards the end since it was getting late

ella's breakfast of choice at the moment. it has to be in a baggie! whatever!

having lunch with the queen of the week

the poster her class made for her during her reign.  i happened to be up at school when they were making it and went into her class to hear some of their comments.  it was so sweet and i'm so glad to have that memory!

so proud of her boosterthon souvenirs

playing hooky at chuckie cheese...just kidding.  it was a rare monday that ella was in school but avery was out so i let her pick whatever she wanted to do.  shocking that she wanted to go here!  and bath and body works, and chick-fil-a!  we had so much fun!

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