Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lost in the Shuffle

lots of randoms from the past several months

couldn't find my little corn holders so improvised and used small fondue forks :)

what avery wanted on our kitchen chalkboard before daddy got home from work on friday before the weekend started

more skewered corn

the scarf nana made for her last year or the year before (i can't remember, sorry kitty) it now is the perfect size for little miss

walking around in daddy's boots from when he was a little boy.  perfect fit here too!

can you tell me what should not be in this picture?

seeing the 1st christmas trees of the season out at lowes 

the morning of avery's boosterthon fun run tim was home for it and avery and him got to walk to school.  i think this was the highlight of the day!

what's better than getting ice cream from the ice cream truck after a baseball game?  i can't really think of anything better and neither can these girls

i think she might think this is a real bunny!

wearing tim's swim cap at the pool before it closes for the season

so proud of her...the 1st knight of the week for the year.  she brought home a pencil and some taco cabana coupons if anyone wants the coupons just let me know :)

she had to have this tray of nana's and when i told her she would have to give it back to her because she wasn't using it and that nana had uses for it she put all of her clothes that needed to go upstairs on it and carried them right up!  now it's sitting on her dresser so if you want it back nana it's yours :)

getting our pumpkins to carve.  she had to have it sitting in the cart right next to her for like a minute until she realized how uncomfortable it is to have an enormous pumpkin taking up all the space in your tiny seat.  

see, it's like holy s*** does anyone realize this is a real bunny.  i mean, look how big it's eyes are!

borrowing my sunglasses

this is my favorite swimsuit of avery's that we own and i had to put it on ella before the season was over because it probably won't fit next year.  i love this pic and the following one is of avery when she was ella's age in it too!


the spectacle at the grocery store...the ghost popping out of the pumpkin

running errands with me at the galleria.  sometimes it's so fun to just peruse at their little pace and appreciate the little things that are so new to them that we take for granted

kitty & rich went to have lunch with avery during the 1st few weeks of school and she just loved having them come up

1st successful dentist visit...if you forget about the screaming & crying that happened before this pic.  walking out of there with her goody bag, stickers, and bouncy ball she got from the coin machine


has anyone seen the tiny princess running around our house?

celebrating tim's birthday with mom and dad at steve fields during restaurant week

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