Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lots of Miscellaneous Photos from the Holidays

We have been having so much fun this Holiday break and over the past couple months!  Here are a bunch of our pics that I couldn't fit in their own post.

Target runs with this little chick after school...that $1 area is a killer!  We always have to grab something there to do during the trip.  I can't tell you how many Hello Kitty paper pads we now have.  

Night walks around the neighborhood to check out the X-Mas lights.  Headlamps are a must!

Ella's version of a smile :)

Found her like this after I got done doing my hair in the bathroom.  She just grabbed a couple books, climbed on up and got cozy.  How cute is she!

Family Nature walks

Our white elephant gift that scarily looks like it could actually work with Tim's hair.  So glad it's just a headband mullet and not real

Catching up with old friends

Lots of lounging around in just a know, as Ella and Avery call it "nudie pituty"

One day these "friends" will no longer be part of our family but as of right now they are constant companions

Got to love the Blue lollies

Silly girls!

and guy...

Kitty found a box of "Timothy" teas that she bought for Tim.  Ella had a blast dumping them out and sorting them.  Whatevs it kept her entertained for awhile :)

Saturday morning sister time playing games on the computer...remember when it was Saturday morning watching cartoons.


Date nights

Why do I buy the crazy color cupcakes?

Oh, that's right, bcuz they produce big smiles!

There's been lots of dancing around here too!

Check out our new eating arrangement!  Bye-bye high chair!  Now, I just have to find a chair for our computer desk area and then the high chair will really be gone!!

Spending lots of time with the love of my life

Bye-bye 2012

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