Sunday, January 27, 2013

Holiday Dance Performance

Avery's dance studio put on a little holiday performance before the Holiday break and it was very cute! The girls got to wear accessories with their leotards to match the theme of the songs they were dancing to.  

Here's Ella holding the flowers to give to Avery

Seriously, I think if we had just given her flowers and not even had her dance she would have been so happy!  I think this is the Best part about the afternoon that she had been waiting for!

A couple of pics from Poppy...he's on the other side of the glass taking them.  They made me smile :)

grouchy ella wouldn't look at the camera.  i don't like being woken up from a nap but this chick takes it to a whole different level!

love the chaos in this pic and clearly tim and ella are the only ones who know that a camera is pointed in their direction.

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