Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girl's Morning

This morning, Avery and I met Keaton and Kelli at the Nasher Sculpture Center downtown. They have all sorts of stuff going on this summer with their Summer at the Nasher program. Today was Target First Saturdays Free so we decided to join Kelli & Keaton there. It's another little oasis in the city. Very quiet, pretty and relaxing.

I think Avery thought this "man" was about to give her the hammer :)

I know she is thinking about how can she get in the water?? Not this time sweetheart :)

I always bring the stroller, but it seems that Avery spends more time pushing it then actually riding in it. Just a few weeks ago she couldn't actually hold it and push it herself so well...they just keep getting bigger!!

Here's the 2 munchkins holding hands as we try to get them to ham it up for the camera. It still amazes me that Keaton is so big that she can sit up by herself now...I remember meeting her the 1st day she was born in September and time has flown since she was born. Our sweet girls!

Avery agrees with me..."Keaton, you used to be this small!"

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