Saturday, June 6, 2009

Family Fun

I've been uploading pics from my camera and I have a bunch from the past couple weeks so I compiled them into one post. Let's get started!

Silly Daddy!!
We had dinner at Nana and Papa's this week and Papa was going through some of his stuff so Tim and Papa had a fashion show.

Avery kept on saying, Silly Daddy! Silly Daddy!

Then, Papa threw on his bandana and braided his hair. What a pair!

Pool Time!
Poppy and Darmi heated up the spa for us so we could come over and Avery could show off her new swimming skills. We couldn't keep her out of the water. She brought in all the balls and rings and was having a blast. We are so happy summer is here!! And, we are so happy that the Dr gave us the go ahead to swim again :)

I'm working on my tan, but where are my sunglasses??

Dinner with Kristen & Kevin
We had dinner with Kristen and Kevin last weekend after they go back from their trip to Spain. It was great to hang out with them since we have been trying to do this for the past couple months and finally got the chance.
Here's the boys both wearing their pearl-snap shirts...must be Brothers!

Here's the 4 of us at Grimaldi's having a drink outside after a fun meal at Blue Fish. Thanks Kev and Kristen to paving the way for Tim and I at the restaurant and for dinner! We can't wait to go again!!

This Little Cutie is 2!
Here's Nana and Avery with the shirt that Nana made for Avery's 2nd birthday: This Little Cutie is 2. We couldn't get Avery to do a real smile without squinting her eyes so we may have to try again!

My D

Clean Car!
Avery and I headed to the car wash this week to get our car cleaned in what seems like forever. Thanks to my office, I got a free car wash for my birthday. Avery had so much fun watching the cars go by and I was just happy to have a clean car for at least until we got home. The outside still looks fine, but the inside is a mess again. Kids really know how to make a mess, huh?

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