Friday, November 30, 2012

Into the Meadow

Every year, the non-profit Tim is part of puts on an event called Into the Meadow.  It's an evening outside in the land across the street in Connemara.  It's a moonlit dinner under the stars with no lights, just moonlight and candles.  It was such a wonderful evening!

It started out with the most delicious watermelon drink at the entrance to the pecan grove.  They had the MOST AMAZING appetizers circling around before dinner.  Seriously, I pretty much got full on them bcuz I could not pass up the trays as they came by.  

See, look at us, food and drink and each other - I can't really ask for more :)

Check out this little bite of yumminess...I could have eaten the whole platter of these kale stuffed treats.

Everyone sitting down to dinner before the sun set.

The Menu

Um, let's see, I'm not a big fan of tomatoes though I married a man who loves them but let me tell you, this salad was one of the best tomato salads I've ever eaten!  It just so happened that the seat across was empty and how could I let that beautiful salad go to waste...yes, I ate both and loved every bite.  Good thing bcuz the main course was just so-so in my opinion.

And the darkness settles around us...

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