Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Depot Kids

The girls and I went up to Home Depot to do their kid craft one Saturday morning.  Avery loves doing their projects they have and they get a pin to put on their apron for every one they do.  Even when we "cheat" and bring it home to do you still get a pin so that's total incentive for this chick.  

Screwdrivers and 5-year olds aren't the best combo. Good thing you have to have a parent there with you!

Ella just liked mixing the paint together and painting on the table.  Avery was a little more meticulous.

And, about right for a toddlers attention span.  Doing what she does best...EAT!

Still working on her goalpost

And, more food

Finished! And, like Ella has been saying lately, So Buutiful!

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