Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Morning Hike

A couple weekends ago we took Avery out for a Sunday morning hike behind the neighborhood across the is so peaceful back there and they have several long trails (rock roads is what I call them). She insisted on wearing a dress of course and her winter boots so to me in all these pics she looks like a true country girl :)

I don't know what my camera was doing on this shot but I've never taken a picture on my camera that turned out this way...just thought it was cool!

Avery was loving the dandelions...having fun blowing them away!

Running with Daddy

Hello Big Brown Eyes

One for Me and one for Daddy!

Nothing's better than kisses from Daddy!

Tim and her were jumping from rock to rock...she was loving it!!

Mommy and Avery pic...I always forget to tell Tim that I'm using my camera on manual and it won't focus for you like auto. I still love the pic though...sorry Tim!!

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