Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saturday at the Nasher

Every month, the Nasher has a free kids morning sponsored by Target.  We met up with Brian and Maddie to enjoy it.  It was a little chilly when we got there but it was a beautiful day.  We started in the craft area 1st but the little ones were not really into it so Tim and Brian took them around the grounds while Avery and I stayed for the art craft.  

Tim got some great pics of Ella...I mean look at her smiling at him.  Lucky man, I can't get her to do that for me

How cute are these much fun they will have growing up together!

Then, the little ones were done with the Nasher completely but Avery hadn't done the scavenger hunt yet, so Brian and I took them over to the new park over the highway downtown while Tim and Avery finished the scavenger hunt.  Tim got her to "pose" like the sculptures...Love it!!

Ah, steps are so much fun!

Checkin out the park and all the food trucks. Yum!

Totally in her element. Our little artist.

Watching a marionette show.  I think the adults enjoyed it more than the girlies.

What a great Saturday!

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