Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

This year for 4th of July we started the festivities out at Mom and Dad's house for some pool time and a Fish/Shrimp Taco cook-off. There were 3 entries, Mollye and Brian with Salmon Tacos, Kristen and Kevin with Tilapia Tacos and Tim and I with Shrimp Tacos. We all were having a great time until it was time to prepare. Then the fangs came out :) Just kidding. Kitty, Rich, Mom, Dad and Mike were our judges and we were told that their vote could be bought for a price but to my understanding, there was no currency exchanged. We had a great time in the kitchen!

Mollye and I preparing

Shrimp Tacos

Brian and Mollye working on their Salmon Tacos

Kristen & Kevin's Tilapia Tacos

2 of the judges thoroughly enjoying their fare

The kiddos were having a blast outside too! Swimming, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, popsicles and ice cream -seriously, what more could a kid ask for??

Then I got these 3 to really start goofing off for the camera:

Once the popsicles were eaten, we moved on to ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce. I think I still owe Riley a red popsicle.

Before we left to go to our house for fireworks, Nana and I gave the girls a quick bath. I think they could have played for longer!

When we got to our house, we headed up the hill on our street to set up camp and watch the fireworks. It is one of my favorite things to watch...I just LOVE them!! I had gotten all the kids glow necklaces so we could keep track of them in case there were a lot of people out. There weren't that many but they sure did enjoy them. I shouldn't have brought my camera with me...terrible pics in the dark - all you can see are the glowing necklaces :)

After the fireworks show, we headed back to the house for some fireworks of our own. We have lots of sparklers...thanks Poppy!

Connor and his sparkler...these things were rocking!

Avery getting help from the hair ;)

Caiden was so excited to shoot off our own fireworks...he had been asking me about it since we got to the house - Finally!!! PS: Caiden I have more for you whenever you come over :)

Riley's turbo sparkler

We hope you had a great 4th of July...we sure did and can't wait to do it all over again next year!

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