Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Precious Girl

Well, it seems that after all we've been through in the past 4 months with Avery, we have finally received a diagnosis that we can be happy about, at least content with the results. Through 2 MRI's and many Dr appts, Avery has finally been diagnosed with Atypical TB. This is not the contagious, run of the mill lung infection...thankfully. This is just a random bacterial infection that she got from the earth, carpet, airborne, etc. We are so happy that it is not something they will have to operate on as long as it does not rupture, but just something we will continue to watch for the next few months to make sure it eventually will go away. The prayers and love we have received throughout this trying time have truly helped in making this diagnosis something that we are so happy about. We are so thankful to everyone that has prayed for our daughter and only hoped the best for our family. I am most impressed, actually in awe of my daughter for her amazing spirit and love that she has portrayed through this whole process. Children are truly a blessing and Avery has such an amazing spirit and has been a true sport through this whole process. We will continue to pray that this will go away on its own and that Avery will be the same beautiful, carefree child we love as she is now and hope to be always. Thank you so much for all your support and love! Love, Julie

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Cortney said...

that is wonderful news! yay avery!!!!!! now you and tim can exhale :)