Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a Valentine's Day Weekend! How fun that it landed on a Saturday because that meant celebration for the whole weekend instead of just one day.

Friday night, Nana and Papa had us over for some yummy homemade pizza. Now, as much of you know, I enjoy cooking very much, but I have yet to master the pizza crust. So, I've decided to put a hold on trying to conquer this recipe and if pizza is in the cards for dinner, we're either bringing it in from one of our fav pizza places or going to Nana's or Aunt Molly's or really anywhere that someone would like to make it for us.

Enjoying a smoothie before we left for Nana and Papa's

We also played with Nana and Papa's fun hats:

After dinner we all hung out in the living room while Avery opened her gift from the Jurney's...thank you so much!

But, no visit to Nana and Papa's would be complete without what I call "The Papa Swing". Avery honestly can not get enough of this and I can understand why. If I was tiny again, I would want to do it too!

In the last pic, feet having barely touched the ground, Avery already has her hand up with one finger pointing and saying "One More Time"...her favorite saying. Why, because as many times as I say One More Time, it never is just one more time, it's several more times. My fault, totally taking the blame for this one!

Our attempt at getting a pic with Avery looking at the camera. Oh well, at least everyone is in the pic!

All dressed up in our "Love" outfit for the day on Saturday.

Saturday night, Avery spent the evening with Grandma and Grandpa where she got more goodies and more sweets. M&M's accompanied her home on Sunday though one container was totally empty.

And, Tim and I decided to stay in and make ourselves a restaurant meal this year instead of going out. We've had this bottle of wine from our Wine Country trip a few years ago that we've been meaning to drink that we finally decided it was time...delicious! We cooked ourselves a yummy filet (which I have a great and easy recipe for if anyone is interested) and some lobster tails on the grill. Of course, we had one of my favorites, the chocolate covered strawberries my Dad gets me every year for V-Day and some Russell Stover's candies, another fav!

Tim and I, V-Day 2009-you know how hard it is to take a pic of yourselves with a D80?? I don't know why I just didn't grab my little Canon!

Playing with the exposures on my camera, notice wine and chocolates in the background. I could've just had that!

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